Stalo theodorou


If you lived around her, you would probably be in love with her energy and beautiful mind! Yes, because Stalo Theodorou is like this every single day of her life! A dynamic genius, making her own and her friends’ clothes from an early age, always carrying herself within a mystery of relentless creativity and a budding workaholic soul. A unique woman who sees art and travelling as an opportunity to challenge her limits and her new beginnings, could not possibly be part of the mainstream community of the many but as part of the special few.


Only those special few could, back then, perceive the depth of her unprecedented and boundless inspiration and talent. But she knew... and this was enough.

…and then she decided that she needs to commit a crime in order to succeed. So she became an accomplice to the most well -organised crime the Cyprus fashion industry has seen; that of COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU.


It all started in 1991. She became an accomplice to the most powerful industry in the world. The fashion industry. Her unstoppable will to learn and her rarely understood forward thinking were just a couple of the reasons she became synonymous to luxurious high fashion in bridal wear.

Her brand, COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU, has gone beyond the boundaries of the local market, has spread its wings and landed in world- renowned fashion shows and exhibitions around the world; from Milan to Barcelona, from Dusseldorf to Essen, from Harrogate to Athens. She has built professional collaborations with more than 30 fashion houses abroad and she is associated with creative teams and clients from Europe, Russia, Arab Countries, Australia and of course USA.


Readily recognizable, the COMPLICE-STALO THEODOROU brand infuses an aura of romanticism with the scent of a woman that knows and gets what she wants.

Stalo Theodorou possesses her own creative identity which carries her signature on every single piece; a signature so unique and so vivid that makes you feel that you can almost touch it, smell it, taste it..


With more than 100 fashion shows under the belt and collaborations with known personas, models and notable figures around the world, she has enjoyed worldwide recognition. Fashion week in Athens and Zappeion Megaron events have seen COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU standing out from the crowd of designers with a unique mark of unparalleled dynamics and femininity.


Just to name a few of known clients and models that waltzed with Complice -Stalo Theodorou creations... The finalists of Cyprus Beauty Contests in several occasions. The winning candidate of the Miss Universe Competition in Hawaii, Daniella Ioardanova; who received the highest voting total for COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU evening dress. Dimitra Eleftheriou’s highly voted COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU gown at Miss Universe Pageant held in Puerto Rico. Miss Cyprus Dimitra Olympiou and supermodel Ioanna Giannakou who also took part in Miss Universe in Las Vegas wearing Complice-ST evening gowns, have again receiving notable commendations.

The stunning Manto Gasteratou (TV presenter and Miss Hellas and Nomads girl), the amazing Kristy Agapiou (Top Model), the breath- taking Eleni Hatzidou (Singer), the super-sexy Dimitra Alexandraki (Top Model and Nomads girl), the fantastic Irene Kazarian (winner of Next Top Model), the one and only Evridiki Valavani (TV presenter & Survivor girl) and a famous Contessa from Italy and many more personas of the fashion industry in USA, Austria & Ireland (who all wish to remain anonymous) are only a few who have embraced COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU creations on catwalks and during their special moments


Stalo is obsessed with perfection and high fashion but she loves to make her luxurious products accessible to all women from all backgrounds and directions! Therefore, she has managed to bring her inspiration to the door of all women around the world who want to wear a part of this powerful legacy and feel the care and love that each dress carries, on their skin!


Stalo Theodorou was the only Cypriot Designer to be invited to participate in the famous Los Angeles (USA) reality show “The Brides of Beverly Hills” were her whole work received worldwide recognition and unprecedented exposure.

The pinnacle of COMPLICE – STALO THEODOROU’ s recognition by prominent authorities was when she was asked to be mapped in the Melathron of the Ecumenic Hellinism Encyclopedia. This encyclopaedia has put down the notable personas of worldwide Hellinism in each industry of the 21st century aiming to educate future generations of coming centuries about creators who have left a mark in their industry and in the case of fashion who have driven the trends of their era. Stalo Theodorou was proudly selected to participate and her full story and creative fingerprint has been carved on stone for the future generations to see and be inspired.